Jun 13, 2015

have you ever had the feeling that something was coming? no clue exactly when, or in what shape, or location....but in your soul, deep down in your bones, you could feel it?

The older I get, the more I learn to trust my intuition. And the more spiritually mature I become, I realize the Holy Spirit is crazy good.

Hope is a funny character. It can hold us hostage in unruly situations & give us the slightest glimmer that things, may indeed, turn around. Hope also wakes us up in the morning, sun shinning on our face, thankful morning graced us with her presence again.

A few weeks back I was meandering around Hobby Lobby on a Saturday afternoon. A wash of calm, peaceful, hope came over me. In that moment, I smiled because I knew this wouldn't last forever. A giddy happiness children exude when they fly a kite or blow bubbles for the first time. Present, in the moment, joyfulness.

I've felt it, the thing my heart so longs for, was on it's way for the past 6 months...or so. Not that it was close but it was coming around the corner, so keep forging through the mud girl.

But now, now it feels closer than ever. Am I crazy? I swear I feel all the feels, all the time.

And then these bible verse about perseverance show up out of nowhere, and Jesus. He speaks to me through words; the bible, other people's, even my own.

I'm reminded of a verse I've clung to like a life raft; "suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope." Romans 5:3-5  

And I'm filled with hope and the promise that my God is good and true and in control. 


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