Sep 12, 2015

blog-tember challenge // day 12

 Saturday, Sept. 12: What are you up to currently?

Reading // do blogs count? I'm terrible about finishing books Playing // 'relax & unwind' playlist on Spotify Watching // dvr'ed Beetlejuice last night, pretty stoked to watch it (for the umpteenth time), also considering starting Game of Thrones over again
Cooking // last week I made lemon meringue cheesecake, from scratch! I'm in a total baking mood at the moment Eating // nothing, I must get better at eating more than once a day on the weekends Drinking // Gevalia French roast coffee + vanilla caramel creamer Going //  to get my hair cut, a good 3 or 4 inches gotta come off Loving // that I'm sitting on my porch, wearing a sweatshirt, drinking coffee. Doesn't get much better than this Hating // absolutely nothing, feeling incandescently happy Discovering // God's call + purpose for my life & how it looks nothing like I planned & how awesome & scary that is Thinking // always & too mind never stops Feeling // thankful... for breath in my body, family + friends that support me & love me for ME, a boss who is a mentor + friend, & for Jesus Hoping (for) // a man to go on adventures with #hopelessromantic 
Celebrating //  LIFE, the older I get I realize how finite life is....learning to enjoy every piece & portion I'm given Smelling // Autumn in the air, giving me all the feels Ordering // surprisingly nothing presently, but I do love being my own Santa Clause
Considering // living a life that's a complete 180 of what I've always imagined & being at peace with that Starting // to blog regularly again Finishing // this post :-) 

Brave Love Blog

Sep 9, 2015

blog-tember challenge // day 6

Sept. 6: Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?

So, I'm a few days biggie. In the past year my style has simplified. Most of the new pieces I buy are better quality and for the most part, have been basic staples every woman needs in her closet. I love expressing myself through fashion & definitely have the confidence now to really wear what I want, no matter what I think someone else will think of me. I wouldn't say I have one set style, however I love the simple sexiness of a Parisian chic woman. 


1 // All black is easy + provides instant coolness
2 // I love the mix of different textures, it keeps an all black look interesting
3 // Pair a masculine piece with feminine items, camo is perfect for a little something unexpected
4 // Buffalo plaid tied around the waist to my go-to, always 
5 // I'm so in to ripped jeans lately, but why are they typically more expensive
6 // Sneakers, the way to my heart
7 // Black & white stripes obsessed right now, channeling my inner Parisian
8 // The Courtney bib by Baublebar, recently picked one up for only $20 #score
9 // Black + white + tan/cognac, so simple but works every time

Hair // Can't get enough of sexy bed-head messy curly hair, plus it's pretty easy for me to pull off with my lion's mane
Makeup // All about glowing skin with defined brows + a bold lip #yasssss

*all other photos are not mine & found on Tumblr

Brave Love Blog

Sep 3, 2015

Blog-tember Challenge // Day 3

Blog-tember Challenge Day 3: using pictures/collage, tell us what your blog is about

I'd say my blog is a little about everything but I've narrowed down what I am truly passionate about. 

Makeup/Beauty // makeup just makes me happy, it's relaxing, as odd as that sounds, while I'm going through my routine. I love trying new products & learning different tips + tricks. 

Encouragement // Being a woman is hard, beautiful but hard. I want women to know that yes, you can be an independent bawse & just because you're assertive, no that doesn't mean you're a bitch. I want women to feel confident & beautiful & sexy in their own skin without validation from men or the outside world. 

Jesus // Without him, I am nothing. I've been through tough situations so I can share my testimony with others in the hope that they too can make it through the fire because, Jesus. 

*all photos are from Tumblr

Sep 1, 2015

blog-tember // day 1

I haven't blogged in forever, I was feeling all inspired with a plethora of topics to write about. Until there was just too much to write about & I kinda threw my hands in the air. I started blogging this time last year with this exact Blog-Tember challenge. I didn't really know what direction I wanted to take my blog until I realized there's more to life than giveaways & being a "popular" internet phenom. I want community & fellowship & to encourage. What better way to jump back in to the swing of things than with this challenge! 

I'm Rachel, 27, single and cherishing my current season. I've been saved by a gracious God who treats me way better than I deserve. I'm learning to trust Him in ALL areas of my life, let me tell you....when you give it all to Him, he shows out.

Random tidbits:

-I am a makeup lover, contouring + brows + mascara are probably my favorites
-I own more nail polish than a salon
-Autumn is my favorite season, give me all the sweatshirts
-However, not a fan of pumpkin spice latte (gasp, I know) too sweet for me
-I love to brunch & go antique hunting
-Sometimes I cuss like a sailor but I'm working on it 
-Leopard is my favorite color 
-Weight training is my exercise of choice #gainsssss

I'm excited to see new faces & meet some awesome ladies. Please don't hesitate to say hello!

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