Nov 6, 2014

Birthday reflections // 26 was a journey


I love celebrating birthdays...especially my own. Except this year. Can I be real?
26 was just plain hard. I feel like I've finally come out the other side & looking back I'm amazed at not only myself but God. I have a hard time allowing myself to embrace accomplishments. I'm proud that I graduated college in May while working full time in a sales position. I'm proud of my relationship with Christ. I'm proud that I finally started this blog. I'm proud of the woman I am because I fought to become her. 

There were times I would come home from work, jump straight into homework & start balling because I was completely overwhelmed. After graduation I felt lost, as if my life had no real purpose...why am I really here. To say summer 2014 wrecked me is an understatement.

 I've spent a lot of time on my face before Jesus this 26th year of my life. I still get surprised at how truly amazing God is. He always meets me when I need him the most. He's tested my faith more times than I'd like to recall. I've been through some stuff in my lifetime, as we all go realize how strong you are. 26 was a journey, most of it I felt as if I were on an island...just me & God. While I've always had an amazing support system around me, I learned that God's opinion is the only one that matters.

His constant pursuit of my heart is unparallelled; I attempt to wrap my head around that & it blows my mind. Recently I've come across complete strangers who have pointed out my patience & kindness. They've also said something to the effect of "you have something great coming soon". I don't believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason. I can't help but think this past year has prepared me for what's soon to come. 

I'm thankful for the struggle, without it success wouldn't taste as sweet. Cheers to you pretty girl, you're amazing & I am beyond proud of you & how far you've's to 27!



  1. Happy Birthday! God has always used the toughest years of my life to springboard me into the best years; the most utterly dependent on Him and completely ecstatic years. You're so right that His opinion is the only one who matters. I needed that reminder today. Cheers to 27! I finish up year 27 and move to 28 on Sunday.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Sometimes a tough time can be the best and most strengthening time for us, even though it may not feel like it during that period. But YOU MADE IT! And you are proud of who you are because of it, what more could you want!?
    Neive xo


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