Sep 3, 2015

Blog-tember Challenge // Day 3

Blog-tember Challenge Day 3: using pictures/collage, tell us what your blog is about

I'd say my blog is a little about everything but I've narrowed down what I am truly passionate about. 

Makeup/Beauty // makeup just makes me happy, it's relaxing, as odd as that sounds, while I'm going through my routine. I love trying new products & learning different tips + tricks. 

Encouragement // Being a woman is hard, beautiful but hard. I want women to know that yes, you can be an independent bawse & just because you're assertive, no that doesn't mean you're a bitch. I want women to feel confident & beautiful & sexy in their own skin without validation from men or the outside world. 

Jesus // Without him, I am nothing. I've been through tough situations so I can share my testimony with others in the hope that they too can make it through the fire because, Jesus. 

*all photos are from Tumblr


  1. Oo, I love what you did separating photos into the different categories you're passionate about! I love reading posts about encouragement; so, I'll definitely be looking forward to reading some the posts in the near future!


  2. Hi Rachel! Loved learning more about you+your blog through your mood board! I love the quote about learning to say yes to happiness and no to things that stress you out. That is something I continue to learn: the power of saying no! It's a goodie :)

  3. Beautiful post, Rachel! I love your variation on encouragement for women :)


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