Jan 16, 2015

oh hey friday // 5 randoms

Cheers friends, it's Friday! This week doesn't seem to have drug on like last week, praise the Lord. I've put together some random thing's I'm loving this week.

1. I worked out 3 times this week, woo-hoo! I did a leg day, arms + shoulders + abs, & a plyo day. It's truly amazing what our bodies can do, we don't give them enough credit. Super excited for Spring + warmer weather to get moving outside!

2. I've been hunting for an affordable black crossbody but it's been hard to find what I want that's also in a reasonable price range. Annnnd this is why I love Hautelook. Hautelook has flash sales that last only a few days, I typically only buy makeup but I couldn't pass up this Rebecca Minkoff bag & I used Christmas money. Win win! I've also been searching for curtains. Why are curtains so dang expensive? I found these first through Macy's but they were actually less expensive through another site. Another win! 

3. Ginger beer. Some reason I always thought ginger beer was ginger flavored regular beer. I hate the taste of beer so I never tried it. Silly me. I stumbled across a blog post about all different kinds of ginger beer & how it can help with an upset stomach. I tend to get a sour stomach so I'm always looking for a symptom reliever. I got this from Trader Joe's & it's quite tasty. Not too sweet, not too spicy. 

4. Jayhawk basketball. The team is finally starting to mesh & we're looking good. This dunk against Oklahoma State is nasty. 

5. I always love Design Love Fest's wallpapers but this batch is awesome + motivating!

I hope everyone has an amazing, relaxing weekend! 

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1 comment:

  1. One, I love that crossbody! Also, ginger beer is great. My grandma makes homemade ginger beer that will straight up clear all your sinuses with just one sip! It's great if you're not feeling well.


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