Mar 19, 2015

celebrating The best man I know :: happy birthday daddy


  The first person I bonded with post emergency c-section, the one who's green eyes match my own. You taught me through frustration how to ride a bike & shoot a layup properly. By example you demonstrated what hard work & ambition looked like. You made sure to reassure me I could do anything a boy could do...heck I could even do it better. You made me feel beautiful; resulting in me never needing validation from another man. You pushed me & made sure I always gave 110% at practice, any job, even yard work. Because of you I'm a relentless just isn't in my vocabulary. You led me to Jesus & I watched how a man leads a household. You always keep it one hundred percent real & honest about your mistakes & stubbornness. You've believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself. Without your support & encouragement I wouldn't be the woman I am. You are my hero & I thank God every day for blessing me with being your daughter. I love your stories, even if I've heard them a few times before. I love your one-liners & how you laugh at your own jokes. I appreciate all the many sacrifices you've made for our family. You are resilient, brave, loving, passionate, & have so much heart. Even though you don't look a day over 37...Happy 50th Birthday Daddy. I'm so proud of who you are & what you've accomplished...but more importantly, I'm proud to call you my dad. We celebrate you because we love you with all our hearts & you deserve nothing but absolute happiness. 

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