Sep 10, 2014

day 10 // self love

When I looked over the writing prompts for Blog-tember , this in particular excited me. We're slammed daily with're too fat, your teeth are crooked, you still haven't finished college yet. I can't express enough how important self love truly is. I was listening to a podcast last night from a woman I admire, Myleik Teele (more on her tomorrow). She attended Oprah's The Life You Want tour where Iyanla Vanzant spoke. Iyanla recalled when she was a young girl her brother kept calling her ugly. One day she decided she was beautiful. That's it. Your opinion of yourself is all that really matters.

10 things I love about myself:

1. green eyes + long lashes
2.  gut instinct - it's taken some time to learn to listen but I more than appreciate it now
3. curly hair - recently embraced my crazy curls...makes me feel sexy
4. ambition - can't stop//won't stop
5. curvy physique - the older I get, the more I love & enjoy my body for being strong
6. my walk with Christ - he gets all the glory for the woman I've become
7. passion - for my family, my calling, inspiring others
8. resilience - this girl refuses to stay knocked down
9. confidence - if I want it, it's mine
10. my hands - they're soft, petite, pretty, painted

Just in case no one's told you lately; you're beautiful, you're valued, & you matter. Shine on pretties!


  1. Green eyes are quite rare, those are definitely a treasure for you!!

  2. Yes, gotta keep the positive in perspective, for sure. :)
    Happy Thursday, lady!



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