Sep 11, 2014

day 11 // inspiration



 Inspiration is a funny thing; I need it daily. I've made some decisions lately that have rocked my world. What I once thought my future looked like is an entirely different picture now. An amazingly different picture. It's scary & new & unknown. It keeps me awake at night & gets me out of bed in the morning. 

I've had a tumblr for a few years, my personal inspiration board. It's better than pinterest or instagram, it's raw & intimate. This quote was plucked straight from my brain, it's the exact season I'm in. Isn't that what we look for when we need know others feel how we do & they've made it to the other side. 

 Yesterday I mentioned Myleik Teele. When I'm feeling discouraged or throwing myself a pitty party I always check out her instagram or podcasts. Let me tell you, she keeps it real which is why I appreciate her advice. She started & runs a successful company. She's a strong, powerful, independent woman. She's my "mentor from a distance" as she likes to call it.

Inspiration comes from.... people I relate to, words that hit me to my core, people I admire, people who are in a position I'd like to be in, my dad & his life lessons, daily devotionals, sunny days, sunday morning church, my past, my future, fabric swatches, music.

Currently inspired by:


**Vogue Japan, October 2014
Photographer: Boo George

What's inspiring you lately?


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  1. I love love love the first quote! It can be so terrifying to go after your dreams.


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