Sep 4, 2014

day 4 // fashion lovin

day 4: loving

 day 4: fashion lovin/loathin

Lately I cannot get enough of black/camel/white combination. I've been digging through my closet and remixing ev-er-y-thang. I used to be totally against black & anything that came close to brown. However; camel, cognac, & tan all blend beautifully with black & white or cream. Black jeans are a staple & Gap always delivers. Given the choice, 8/10 times I always pick silver but that gold watch is a beaut. I've lusted after owning a black watch for a while but this has quickly taken its place. I own that Kate Spade bag in a snake skin finish but black is just classic chic....& I'm sensing a black theme going on. :-) Which brings me to these pointed toe flats. Love the pointed toe, loving the cut out even more. Lastly, a red lip is the cherry on top. Sadly I've only worn a red lip once or twice this summer but she'll make her return soon. 

As far as loathing goes, the only "trend" that comes to mind are wedge sneakers. I've had an obsession with sneakers since high school, it's ridiculous how many pair I own. I've never liked this's asinine. Just wear sneakers OR heels but please stop wearing wedge sneakers. They're not all. Mini rant over. Of course to each their own, if you love em....rock em girl.


  1. LOVE that camel cardigan, it's perfect for the colder seasons ahead!

    Emily at Style Cubby

  2. Have to agree heeled trainers are just plain wrong!

  3. Ah totally with you on the wedge sneaker! Never could jump on that trend, and I'm glad I didn't because I couldn't imagine looking back on those pictures!

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