Sep 15, 2014

day 15 // mood board

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1. I'm a total fan girl for Rih Rih; & she killed this editorial for W Magazine.
2. Normally I'm not draw to this aesthetic but c'mon this kitchen is beautiful.
3. If you're not reading Atlantic-Pacific, stop & go now. Seriously. I love the side braid + dress + sneakers combo. 
4. This screams 90's Vogue & I'm fully embracing the 90's comeback.
5.  Art deco has been calling my name lately.
6. Needs to go on my gallery wall asap.
7. Who doesn't love + feel inspired by full spidery lashes.
8. Black polish = fall. nuff said. 
9. Self explanatory, you attract what you are. 

*Joan Smalls for Paris Vogue, June/July 2013
Photographer: Mario Sorrenti

Happy Monday, I hope your weekend was relaxing & stress-free! Kick butt this week!


  1. oh I love this! although black nail polish = all year round ;) so glad I found your blog through the link up!

    1. true, black polish is always a staple! glad we could connect as well! :-)

  2. go for it girl, you can definitely rock it! just make sure you use a good base coat so it doesn't stain your nails :-)

  3. Loved her in that editorial. Love your 'Gatsby' vibe! And, 'Be a boss'.... always....

    1. I'm obsessed with all things Gatsby....except for Daisy! lol

  4. I like this mood board a lot, Rachel! :) The funny thing is, the images you chose are so different from my typical style but I think it can be really inspiring to look at different styles and tastes sometimes. I love the black, whites, and metallics that seem to run through each image. Really cool!

  5. Great mood board! That kitchen is just gorgeous. If only it where mine! haha.

  6. I love love love love that kitchen!!! although i would want it bigger, ha!

  7. Love all the dark tones of this mood board! Especially liking that black dress. :)

  8. I'm rocking my black nail polish now! I think is so chic but my husband always jokes that I look gothic.

    Amanda - Life With Grace


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